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jueves, abril 27, 2006

Picture of cross stitch/ Gráfico de punto de cruz

If you want a picture of cross stitch, send an e-mail to and you say which picture you like, or put a commentary in the blog with the picture that you want.
Si quieres un gráfico de punto de cruz, manda un e-mail a y di cual te gusta o pon un comentario en el blog con el gráfico que tu quieres.





Little Stitch:
- New born joy ( .jpg)
- Bed time friends ( .jpg)
- Crescent dreams ( .jpg)
- On grandmothers quilt ( .jpg)
- Rosebud Lullaby ( .jpg)
- Moonlight Lullaby ( .jpg)
- Cherub with thw tree 2004 ( .jpg)
- Guardian cherub 2001 ( .pdf)
- Holiday cherub 2000 ( .pdf)
- Holiday prayer 1999 ( .jpg)
- Holiday cherub 1998 ( .pdf)
- In cupid's garden 1997 ( .pdf)
- Hevenly holidays 1996 ( .pdf)
Designs cross stitch: ( all .jpg)
- MD1 Damask roses
- MD2 Fairy moon
- MD3 Rose of sharon
- MD4 Garden verse
- MD5 Sleeping beauty
- MD6 Christmas elegance
- MD7 Fairy Flora
- MD8 The dreamer
- MD9 My ladys garden
- MD10 Elizabeth and Lavender sky
- MD11 Mother's arms
- MD12 The kiss
- MD13 Winter Queen
- MD14 English roses
- MD15 Santa's magic
- MD16 The baby boat
- MD17 Stone roses
- MD18 Blooming bride
- MD19 Deco spirits
- MD20 Fairy Tales
- MD21 Fairy Idill
- MD22 Summer Queen
- MD23 Rose celebration
- MD24 Christmas flourishes
- MD25 Angel proclamation
- MD26 Mermaid of the Pearls
- MD27 Millenium angel
- MD28 Crystal Christmas
- MD29 Snow days
- MD30 A midsummer night's fairy
- MD31 Giggles in the snow ( boy/ girl)
- MD32 Under the friendship tree
- MD33 Touching the autumn sky
- MD34 Spring Queen
- MD35 Waiting for ships
- MD36 Savannah's Curtsy
- MD37 Three for tea
- MD38 Titania
- MD39 Villa Mirabilia
- MD40 Ashley's rose
- MD41 Adia, the garden fairy
- MD42 Deepest love
- MD43 Enchanted dreamer
- MD44 The garden Muses
- MD45 Autumn Queen
- MD46 Le nouveau sampler
- MD47 April's blue diamond
- MD48 Rose arbour
- MD49 Gathering eggs
- MD50 Summer in my garden
- MD51 The Seaside Kingdom
- MD52 June's pearl fairy
- MD53 Spring in my garden
- MD54 The scent of old roses
- MD55 Mother's bliss
- MD56 May's Emerald Fairy
- MD57 The Queen Mermaid
- MD58 Queen of Peace
- MD59 July's Amethyst Fairy
- MD60 The blossom Harvest
- MD61 Christmas Wishes
- MD62 The Lady of the Flag
- MD63 The Cottage Garden Fairy
- MD64 Queen of Freedom
- MD65 Angel of the new dawn
- MD66 Fairy Treasures
- MD67 Woodland Fairy
- MD68 Winter in my garden
- MD69 Cinderella
- MD70 Maidens of the Seasons
- MD71 Shimmering Mermaid
- MD72 Guardian Angel
- MD73 Caring wings
- MD74 Maidens of the Seasons II
- MD75 Butterfly Fairy
- MD76 Ring Around the Rose Tree
- MD77 Emerald Mermaid
- MD78 Royal Holiday (Christmas queen)
- MD79 Madonna of the garden
- MD80 Lilly of the woods -The dreaming fairy
- MD81 Archangel
- MD82 Petal fairy
- MD83 Feather fairy
- MD84 Enchanting Mermaid
- MD85 Mermaids of the deep blue
- MD86 Garden Beauty
- MD87 The forest goddess
- MD88 The stargazer
- MD89 The bliss fairy

miércoles, abril 26, 2006



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